Toby, Tudor & Duke

I wrote a post back in April (Home Renovation & a Puppy) announcing the arrival of our new puppy whom we decided to name Duke. He has grown quite a bit since then. He is very loving with lots of energy. I caught this picture of him in a calm moment in our living room. We love his bat ears.


He loves to sleep, play and rome the backyard. Recently, he’s found his voice, a mellow grunt then a bark mixed in with a howl.  I think it makes him feel like he’s protecting his territory. He’s still afraid of squirrels but is venturing out farther into the backyard on his own. New neighbors moved in next door and I’ll catch him often running the length of the chain link fence with their two dogs. Sometimes, stopping to stiff them or just stare.

As soon as the vet cleared Duke to go out for walks we jumped on it. Every morning I try to get him outside for a  walk around our new neighborhood. Duke loves eat worms and I catch him often digging for them in the backyard. Yesterday he was pouncing on a slug, slimy and wet much like a worm.

slugWe’ve run into other wild life like rabbits, giant grasshopper’s and turtles. Did you know that turtles cross the roads here in Southern Mississippi? It’s a different sight to see. Sometimes they make it across and other times they meet their fate.

Last week when my mother-in-law was out for a visit, out we went with Duke. As we neared the end of our street I saw a turtle near the stop sign. Denise tried to coax it over to the other side of the road before a large black truck came speedily up the street. Toby, as she referred to the turtle took it’s sweet time walking to the grass patch next to the sidewalk. A further ways into our walk we came across a rabbit and another turtle whom Denise named Tudor. Duke on the other hand was not as impressed with the turtles as we seemed to be. While I don’t have photos to show of Toby and Tudor, I do have this photo of a turtle on our porch last week. I was so excited to see it that I must have scared it off because it disappeared fast into the shrubbery.


I’ve also spotted a tiny turtle that lives at the base of a bush in our backyard. I happened to see it again yesterday as I was mowing the lawn. I currently do not have a name for it. Anyway, Duke and I are off for a walk in a bit before the next storm rolls in. I’m hoping to see a rabbit or maybe a baby alligator!


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