Daydreams and Pencils

Lately I’ve been daydreaming of my artwork, the work I was so heavily immersed in just 5 short years ago. Painting and drawing was my thing. I rarely make time for drawing these days and I always find my way back to it knowing that I will always be a maker of some sorts. Even if I only go there in my dreams.

For many years, I had only drawn from the environment around me including what the instructor placed in front of the class. As a class we looked at objects such as drapery, fruit, vases, the human figure and my living room couch. I became good at this type of drawing. I liked it and I could do it well. I purchased all kinds of pencils then. Erasers and smudge sticks, charcoal with excess that fell away as I pressed into the paper. Once I got into more advanced courses the subject matter changed from still life objects to my own ideas. Which is a different beast. Sometimes, well all the times for me, drawing what I thought about isn’t always translate to the paper like I would have hoped. During my education I completed two of the largest drawings I’ve ever done. I was challenged and I learned. When the class ended surprisingly, I never went back to drawing in pencil. I became used to drawing with paintbrushes and palette knives because I had fallen in love with color and paint and the pencils were put away.

So for today I thought I’d put the dreaming aside and sit down to draw. I felt resistance  because I haven’t drawn with a pencil in a very long time. I did many other household tasks putting off the action I felt I needed to make. I told myself to just take the action of starting. I took out my art box from the closet, unlatched the hinge and opened it up. Greeted with the familiar smell of graphite, inviting me back in. Charcoal erasers, and razor blades, all kinds of pencils and sharpie markers under the tray. So I started with a mug and a charcoal pencil. Sinking back into a flow and ease that I seemed to have not forgotten.


When I started to draw the glass of water I wanted to quit. It was hard and I remembered that drawing takes patience. Looks like I could use more regular practice.


So I started small on a 4 by 4 inch piece of paper and will continue to do so until I build my confidence back. I continued though and above is what emerged. It’s a process and it’s a journey.


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