Renovation & a Pup


We moved. We’ve unpacked. Actually we are still unpacking. The renovation has begun. We are painting and stripping wallpaper and pulling up the carpet. It’s exhausting and exhilarating. We’ve just about set up our kitchen, bedroom and our closet and the t.v. Our couches are underneath drop clothes so we’ve been sitting on green plastic chairs. As the renovations continue I am exhausted every evening when I crawl into bed. I feel sore like I’ve just completed a hard workout. We’ve lived in our new house for about two weeks, yet it seems longer. We’ve experienced three major thunderstorms that have flooded our backyard and dropped dead branches across our vast backyard. Yet, my husband and I were getting into the swing of it all. We have been so happy to have our own space and have hit the ground running with our home improvements.

It was Cinco d Mayo and I’d spend most of the day painting the front bedroom that will soon become our office. My husband arrived home and I heard the garage door open. I was thinking of suggesting a night out in our new little town to celebrate all of our hard work. Maybe the wine bar followed by oysters at that sweet little spot we’ve come to love. Or maybe we’ll stay in and relax and watch Netflix. With only being responsible for each other right now, we’ve loved the freedom to go anywhere on a moments notice. Soon he appears just outside the bedroom door leaning his shoulder into it. The first things he tells me is, “I think I may have done something bad and I’m not sure we’re ready for it.” He then turns into the doorway showing me the tiny puppy in his arm. I freeze, I stare and all I can say is, “A puppy! I thought we were waiting until after the home renovations were complete and we were settled in a bit more?” He claimed that once he saw our puppy and held him in his arms he was hooked. Again I was excited yet nervous. I’ve never raised a puppy before. Once I held him, I too was in love. We’ve spent nights awake potty training, making sure he doesn’t go on the carpet or the new hardwood floors, scratching our heads when he goes in the kitchen instead of on the pee pad, purchasing more pet supplies, vet check up’s and pet insurance, training him to sit and stay. We’ve already made mistakes and we’re learning. Who has time to read a book about dog training when we can watch Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer? So our lives have expanded yet again. While my husband has previously raised one dog and owned two other adult dogs I’ve never considered myself a “dog person.” My sister owns two dogs and they are like her children. I never really understood that relationship until now. Can you love your pet as much as your kid? Anyway, he is a great little blessing to our lives and we love our new little family. Here is a picture of his sweet face.




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