Making Connections

What does it take to make a break through in a new place? Whether it is in a job or a new town. How long does it take to get to know someone and make a connection?

Before I met my husband and decided to travel the world I worked for a coffee company. I was fortunate to be friends with the owners and so getting to know the staff was a little easier. It took some time like in any new place and I was able to make a couple lasting friendships. It was a great environment because we all supported each other’s growth inside and outside of work. We became a tight knit family. It soon became apparent that everyone wanted to work for the company because they witnessed the fun atmosphere from being our customer.

What happens though if someone doesn’t have that initial connection and has to start fresh? Making new friends and connections can be a challenge.

I’ve been living in Southern Mississippi now for two and half weeks. What do I expect right? I understand that these things take time. Today as I sat in a coffee shop in town that I’ve been to a couple of times I was pondering these questions. I sat in the front room and observed the environment. Customers came in and out eagerly wanting their cup of wonderful goodness. All of the customers sitting in the shop seemed to be friends or were employees. As I observed I found myself wanting in and I wanted to be a part of the conversation. In this moment I understood what it must have been like for the customers in my old job, wanting to “get in” to the group. So I started small. I complimented one girl on her dress, I inquired about the art on the wall, and I asked about an event happening there later in the week. They each responded and no further conversation came. I felt like I got nothing, no further conversations. I felt defeated. Maybe, a break through will come if I keep going back and keep talking to people there or attend an event. It seems to be a very artsy group with a fun vibe. What has your experience been in new places and how do you make a break through?


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