I moved to the South

It’s been one week since I got married and left on a road trip with my husband. That term, husband still feels strange to say and to read. In truth, I love to say it. We are newly-weds! We are excited to create new adventures. We now live down south.  As with any change there can be a lot to discover about the new places and about yourself. The one thing that we like about moving is that it gives us a chance to re-invent ourselves again and to find new ways to nurture ourselves and to continually fuel our creativity.

Our first stop was Las Vegas, Nevada then Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe was beautiful and crisp. The people were eclectic and kind. On the morning that we left we awoke to a soft blanket of snow. Coming from California we were not prepared for snow. In our flip – flops and shorts we trekked through the cold and wet snow to get to our car. It was a bit magical watching the snow flurries fall in the wee morning hours.

Santa Fe

Next stop Texas. We loved Eastern Texas for so many reasons. There were vast green pastures and lots to do in the urban areas. The roads were paved even and free from trash, nice people, clean hotels and state pride. And of course, Buccee’s Truck Stop. This place is amazing! With the array of home décor, food and apparel any traveler can find something to suit their needs. As we made our way through Texas we encountered our first southern storm. The thunder so loud, lightening so bright that it lit up the inside of our truck, heavy rain and flooding. We followed this storm all the way into Southern Mississippi. Coming from the west coast into a southern town I believe is going to be an exciting change.

As my husband went off to work this morning it was my chance to explore. I wasn’t quit sure that there were sidewalks on the main road and with this one idea; I heard that small voice telling me not to venture out. I wanted to do so badly. I thought about calling an Uber or figuring out a different route into town. I decided to ask to front desk for suggestions. When I asked the attendant he told me to just follow the railroad tracks. In fact, the tracks ran right behind our hotel. I considered it for a minute. I thought of the movie, Stand By Me and the scene where the boys are running from the train. Yet, I looked at him in surprise. What? Is that safe? I don’t know the area very well. All sorts of fears and questioned surfaced in my head. I felt small. Before I could ask more questions his answers eased my fears some. He said everyone who walks into town from our hotel does so via the tracks, it’s quite normal because the main roads don’t have sidewalks. It’s a safe town. So off I went,  headed through the grassy field instead until I came to the next side street and I felt my fears turn silent and I chose to welcome this new experience.

Walking through the neighborhoods by old and well kept houses, schools, and churches I listened to the wind move above through the drooping trees. Birds chirping, water running near by and bugs buzzing. At 9:30 am it was already warm and slightly humid. The neighborhood streets here remind me of a simpler and slower time. Spring is beautiful in Southern Mississippi. Wild flowers I haven’t seen before pop up all over.

Purple Flowers

There are fun restaurants and tiny boutiques, bakeries and a few coffee shops. I even found a market that sells organic and non-traditional products, like spelt flour, flaxseed oil, trace minerals, and several brands that I know and love. So far, my favorite place to stop into is a coffee shop called The Greenhouse on Porter. It’s a tiny coffee shop attached to an old greenhouse with various seating options inside as well as outside on the adjacent lawn. It’s quite lovely and perfect. They also serve the most amazing biscuits with goat fluff and gluten free options as well. There is coffee, tea, and beer too. This establishment also supports local talent, vendors and showcases artwork and various community inspired events.



It’s sure going to be a wonderful time here. While nurturing yourself can come in various ways, travel and adventure, food and creativity are my most favorites. I’ll be back soon to share more in my experiences of moving down south.


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