Watercolor Fun

As some of you know painting is my favorite creative outlet. When I was in college I developed a good habit of painting everyday, sometimes for hours. Then I graduated and life stepped in. My time to paint became less and less and so I turned to other creative pursuits like sewing, jewelry making and paper crafts like making cards and collaging. Painting however, was always in the back of my mind. Waiting to be reignited.

I started to incorporate it again here and there. It’s like a constant itch that never goes away. Always there to remind me. When I pick up that brush and swirl it around in the vibrant colors I then remember why I enjoy painting so much and the itch seems to quiet down a bit.

I’m exploring watercolor again. I’ve forgotten how fun it can be. As my life becomes more busy and my living space changes I am discovering that I feel less interested in oil painting. The set up and clean up for painting in oil takes more time then I have right now. This is why I picked up watercolor again because of the no fuss set up and clean up. It’s been sometime since I’ve been to the art store. Remember that itch I was speaking of? I took myself over to Michaels Craft Store to pick up some paints. Nothing too expensive. With deciding to get back “into it” I chose the standard  Crayola Paint Set  and spent a little extra on the paper.


I decided to paint a few different book marks. Using an xacto knife, I cut strips out of the paper.


On a separate piece of paper I drew triangles and painted those in by mixing colors together. I like how to colors bleed into each other to create different shades.


Now after drying time is complete (about an hour) I cut out each triangle and arranged them together. The final product is below with an added circle bookmark  and two geometric styles for good measure.


So pretty!


That is all. I hope you make time to get creative today. Try out watercolor, it’s fun and easy.


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