What is your self-care routine?

What is part of your self-care routine? Is it daily meditation, getting in a gym workout or is it hiking in nature? For me, self-care comes in many forms and it’s the best way for me to take care to myself. In this journey of life and sustainable health, my body is always reminding me of what works for me and what doesn’t. Some day’s, I’m lazy with my food choices and given in to eating what I know I am intolerant to. And still with these slip-ups I course correct and continue to strive towards feeling good in my body by practicing self-care.

Like I said before, self-care comes in many forms. Below are 5 practices that I do everyday as part of my routine.

Meditation– I meditate in a quiet space for 20 minutes. This practice helps me to feel grounded.

Exercise– Sometimes I hike, go for a walk, do a HIT workout, dance cardio or yoga. Basically moving my body for 30 minutes.


Creativity – I like to paint, make cards, sew, collage or some other type of craft making.

Eating nourishing foods – I make bone broth, sauerkraut, juices, soup; I bake, roast vegetables or make some sort of gluten and dairy free delicious dish.


Sleep – I make sure to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep every night. If I get less then 8 I’m a wreck. Before bed, I drink Calm, the Anti-Stress drink. It looks like this:



And 2-3 times per week I add in Gua Sha – A Gua sha is a wooden tool, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to massage or rub the skin to promote blood flow, removes lymph fluid from the body, release blockages, and to encourage healing. I use my tool in the shower or before bed with almond oil and massage the places that are tight in my body. The picture above shows the tool next to my Citrine Crystal.

So, that’s it folks! What do for self care? Do you have a top 5?



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