If You Really Knew Me

If you really knew me, you’d know that my first love is painting. I have worked hard at my craft for about 16 years. I was deeply in love, from the very beginning.

As a child, I became memorized by the way the watercolor would float elegantly over the yellow crayon. When I got to junior college, I fell deeper in love with color, paint, and all it’s intensity. Just a few short years after junior college I made the choice to go back to school and get a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in Painting & Drawing. It was a time of self discovery and working out my own ideas on the canvas. I learned a lot from other students and about the work that I like to create. There are stories hidden in the layers of paint. Much like peeling back an onion, more is revealed. What do you see in this painting?

Below is one of the large paintings I completed in college. It sold two years ago to a buyer in San Francisco.


Three years after graduation, I still paint. I am still a student, always learning. My creativity takes many forms. In between the happenings of my usual everyday world of work, family and fun, I sew, paint, cook, I make paper crafts, and dabble in photography. For me, I find that I enjoy the ritual of setting up my workspace just as much as getting doing the creative work. Laying out my paints on a palette or pulling out my sewing machine. Like many creative people, I encounter resistance a lot. When I encounter a problem in the painting then I stop, walk away and come back to it. The moment will come and I will start again with a new sense of hope and the old problem will work itself out.

This one below is what I have currently been working on. Palm trees line the beaches and parks here, in Southern Spain. These trees always remind me of summer and the ocean.


Well, this painting is a bit simple with less layers. As I no longer have the time to paint as I once did. Isn’t that how life goes? One day I hope to have my own studio to work in. Someday perhaps.


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