Southern Spain Summer

I haven’t been posting on the blog since moving to Southern Spain in the beginning of April. I am here for three months and will be returning to the states in July. I have been enjoying my adventures in Spain and traveling around to small towns and larger cities. I have been writing a bit everyday documenting my experiences without having internet that is readily available. Luckily, I found a café that has internet and is located just around the corner from where I am staying.

My time here so far, has been great and I am feeling exceptionally lucky to be able to travel and experience so much. Knowing little Spanish, I’ve found that I can get by with just the basics and most of the locals speak a little English. Both sides are experiencing the language barrier. To break this barrier I smile, they smile, we both struggle a bit to find the words, hand motions are used and a connection and understanding is made.

Before coming here, I heard that the summer’s here are glorious. People come from all over Northern Europe to vacation here. The high season doesn’t start until July yet now that May is here, the beaches are starting to get crowded, beach bars open up and swimmers and kite surfers frequent the waters. The temperatures will rise significantly and the sun will be bright and hot. Upon arriving in early April the temperatures were mild in the high 60’s.

I love to sit on the back patio in the early afternoon sunshine. Looking up towards the sky, it’s a bright Cerulean blue with traces of thin cotton ball clouds. Watching the breeze move through trees, the sunlight illuminating their tips, the birds chirping. Sometimes, when the breeze is just right I catch the scent of the salty ocean nearby. When I stand up I can just barely see over the top of the concrete wall that surrounds the patio. On the other side of this wall the street is bustling with life. Cars and trucks zoom on by, loud Spanish dance music pouring out the windows. Joggers run and small groups of adults and children walk by off to somewhere. I like to listen to these various sounds as well as the conversations. Different types of languages are spoken in a mixture of excitement, laughter and words. Spanish mostly, German, Dutch, French and once in awhile, English. I am intrigued and wonder what they are saying.

Just beyond the street is a large hotel with tennis courts. The courts are most frequented in the early evening or morning hours. The hotel sits right on the beach with outdoors seating, and white umbrellas. I am enjoying my experiences so much here and indulging in all kinds of food. More to come on that.


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